Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Word of the day: C R E E P Y

I haven't been blogging for awhile, so I'd forgotten all the bells & whistles that make the Blogger tool useful and fun. I think useful is more appropriate for what I found yesterday...

You see, you can tell how many have been viewing your entries, and what web-site or method they arrived at your blog. This is kind of interesting, TILL you find the following:

I'm presuming a female was at the other end of the computer on this one... Someone arrived at my blog by Googling "my_first_name + my_last_name + slept with my husband". WHAT? I know that I have a pretty common name, but that totally creeped me out. Anyone who's ever had a spouse cheat on them (me) would never, ever do something like that! And here the person found me, and I list my location, etc. I know there was another bad person out there with my same name, as she was on the "no fly" list a few Christmases ago, and made my boarding a flight home for the holidays a nightmare. Maybe that one sleeps with others husbands too?

In any case, it prompted me to remove my last name from my profile. I may go through and scrub any other blog entries that refer to it as well.

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