Thursday, September 13, 2007


Today is going to be nuts. I'm not sure exactly when things will take a turn for the crazy side, but I expect it will be somewhere around 3. Today is the day when "officially", Google takes over. Today I work for Postini. Tomorrow I will be a Google employee. A Googler, or is it a Giggler? At least I will still be employed!

Some stand to make an a**load of cash for their stock options. I'm on the low end of the totem pole (engineering scum), so I'll make a fair bit. Not enough to quit my day job (and race full-time), mind you. But enough that I think I can buy a place to live sometime next year. For those that will be semi-millionaires, and millionaires, and multi-millionaires, the celebration is planned. This showed up yesterday, courtesy of one of the soon-to-be-millionaires:

Someone added a couple of magnums to the collection this morning. I added a can of Coke, to gain perspective of the size of the GrandDaddy. Gawddamn, that bottle is big. I almost fell over last night when I took a look at it (after prodding from other engineers, because I didn't believe them). That's a whole lotta champagne. The last time everyone at work was drunk was in July. When the announcement was first made about the buyout. It was kind of scary, actually. One man, who apparently really likes to drink (a LOT) was pretty hammered. He cornered me (reeeeee! reeeee! reeeee!) and proceeded to tell me how he remembered (and obviously liked) the dress I wore at the holiday party. Umm, that was in JANUARY. Granted, I never wear dresses to work, I mean, why would I? I don't see customers, I sit at a computer all day. I'd not want to date someone from work, so who do I need to impress? Nobody. But I'd lost weight and I promised myself that I'd wear that dress for the holiday party, if I'd lost enough weight. I hadn't worn it in YEARS. And it looked GOOD on me. But damn, y'all. I didn't think some drunken engineer would remember that dress many months later... and as he was telling me about it, he was standing about an inch away from me. Kind of makes me want to re-think the dress code for the holiday party NEXT year...

And here we go again. I'm going to hide from him later today. HIDE, I tell you. I know that's not very grown up, but I don't care. :o)


lauren said...

getting drunk with people from work is always a bit dangerous - especially when it's those nerdy programmer guys who are drunk.

Holly Roberts said...

Exactly! But did you see the SIZE of that bottle? Holy cow!!!
BTW, the scary drunk guy was taken home early by some other engineers. Whew.

Leilani said...

First, congrats! You're officially a googler and hopefully in the near future, you'll be a Bay Area homeowner. Woohoo! Second, you did look GOOD in that dress. But ewww.....scary drunk guy....LOL!. Lastly, I miss you Lady. Read your last couple of blogs and I laughed my ass off. Too funny!

Lotsa love!

bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...

Ew ew, I hate skeevy coworkers...but I like magnums! At our company retreat last year the president of our company brought a bottle that was literally half his size.

Holly Roberts said...

Panda, how'd he carry it in if the bottle was so big? That's CRAZY!
Amen, on the skeevy co-workers. Ick.

Leilani - miss you!

BTW, I did a bit of research on the big bottle. It's called a Salmanazar according to Wikipedia (and Domaine Chandon's website)
And the kicker: the thing cost $420!!!!
It was most definitely tasty, but it took the company founder about 10 minutes to get it open. It was hysterical! He tugged and tugged and twisted and tugged and finally, the rounded end BROKE off, leaving the damned thing still corked up. The wine opener kept pushing the cork in further and he finally got a bit of it and pulled it out. It was teensy!

bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...

He's a very determined man. Once the party really got going he carried it around on his hip, using both arms and his lower half as leverage as he filled everyone's glasses time & time again.

Quote of the day: "Some companies go to team-building classes. We drink."

Holly Roberts said...

LOVE the quote!!! That's awesome!