Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Holy effing sh*t

My employer was purchased by Google yesterday. Well, the news hit yesterday, the purchase will be complete sometime this quarter. I still haven't managed to collect 90% of my cash from my last company who was bought out, and now this on top of it. Looks like I might be able to buy a place to live next year. My own garage for all the damned bikes I have and hopefully a teeny yard for the dog. I'm not greedy. Just something that is a tax write-off and so I quit throwing my rent money down the proverbial toilet each month.

Part of me is thrilled as I'll be working for Google, one of the best employers in the nation (I was already working for the BEST, unknown employer in the nation, but Postini doesn't really count on that grand of a scale, because we're such a small fish)! Part of me is scared of the unknown, but another part of me is excited, as I'll have plenty of room to grow professionally. I hope I'm good enough! I love my current commute, so my hope is that they don't move us in the next year, so I can keep my wimpy 2.5 mile and no freeway-BS commute. Of course, moving us to Mountain View would actually give me a decent bike commute and it would be worth my while. But that's down the road anyway, right?

Back to watching Le Tour and drinking wine!


lauren said...

hey! that's cool! congrats on that.

i read about it in the paper, but didn't even realize it was your company.

get a 2 car garage. one side for all the bike stuff and the other for the car.

Holly Roberts said...

Thanks, Lauren! That was my company! Ok, I wish it were MINE (I'd buy all my friends houses then!), but yeah... 2-car garage and a yard for the dog, and room to have bbq's. :o)

Leilani said...

Yipee Holly! Good for you and piglet. Security, isn't it a blessing?

Gonna be moving to LA in two weeks. We gotta meet before then.